A site aims to identify homes with symbols in support to political prisoners

A site aims to identify homes with symbols in support to political prisoners

A new website (buscandolazos.com) appeared on June 2018 to aim individuals to report homes displaying symbols like the Yellow Ribbon in support to Catalan political prisoners. From this website you get all the reported addresses positioned on an interactive map. 

The website claims "You inform. Others will remove them". 

As result, this website is promoting attacks to homes and public places in Catalonia where any symbol that does not like to the Spanish unionism is displayed.

Which symbols are aimed to be reported?

The Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon has become a symbol in support to Civil Rights and to political prisoners. Thousands of people wear yellow ribbons pins or display it from their homes.



Pro-independence flag

Since 2010 (when Spanish government abolished the Catalan Constitution approved by legal Referendum in 2006) displaying this flag has become more and more popular. Now this anonymous website 


Who is behind this website?

According to this website "Tabarnia.org" is the main contributor to this campaign, an organisation with connections to Fascist groups that still today honour the memory of Franco dictator, a violent nature groups that are being treated with excessive laxity by Spanish Justice.

@buscandoLazos twitter page defines itself as "The first pro-independence symbols search engine" and calls to help them "to clean our country".

It is one more step forward to allow unionist violent groups to act freely in Catalonia. After hundreds of violent attacks against Catalans all the unionist parties have remained silent. In fact, it is known that members of Spanish Police Association (JUSAPOL) give support to this initiative.

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