Crowds shouting "A por ellos" (go for them!) while Spanish police started their trip from their barracks to Catalonia to avoid Catalan Referendum.  

Spanish government lead to the current situation after more than a decade ignoring dialogue petitions. Spanish parties don't have any democratic incentives to find a negotiated solution to the conflict, on the contrary, they base their political success on promoting Catalanophobia. The more hatered directed against Catalonia, the more votes they collect in Spain.

This translates onto a "majoritarianism" regime without any solution within the Spanish Constitution framework. A failed Spanish Democracy in breach of EU treaties.

Open letter from Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen and 70 North America academics

"We​​demand that​ ​Spain​ ​immediately​ ​ceases​ ​the​ ​political​ ​repression​ ​in​ ​Catalonia​ ​and​ ​enables​ ​the​ ​people of​ ​Catalonia​ ​to​ ​be​ ​allowed​ ​to​ ​freely​ ​express​ ​their​ ​political​ ​views."


International observers see lack of neutrality in Madrid press ahead of Catalan election

On December 21st 2017, the Spanish Government forced Catalan election. A group of international observers present have stated in a report that the campaign coverage provided by some Spanish media was not neutral: "the figures are indicative there is
considerable indication that the Madrid press has not helped contribute to a fair reflection of the debate in Catalonia for the election."


The ILOM ( International Limited Observation Mission, team  facilitated by The Hague Centre for Strategic
Studies) strongly condemns the violence that injured hundreds of people and has been widely reported on in the international media. The use of force displayed by the Spanish police has no place in established democracies. Given the tense conditions of the day, the ILOM noted the dedication of local poll workers and the determination of citizens to cast their vote