Catalonia Alert is born!

Catalonia Alert is born!

It's been almost 8 months since The First of October. The day that the Catalans showed themselves and to the world that the will of the people is much more powerful than thousands of policemen, much more powerful than a non democratic State that has been 15 years silent to any dialogue petition. The people, and nobody else than the people, made happen the Referendum of October the First.


Today, eight months later, Spain is a bankruptcy democracy; without separation of powers between politics and judges and all the main Spanish political parties sending everyday messages hate against Catalan values: its culture, language, educational system, ... The most important mass media, including public and private TV, aligned with an extremist nationalism position.

The president Puigdemont in exile with six more MPs. Nine political prisoners, without any trial. The solution is not in Spain.

As in any bankruptcy country, the solution must come from outside. We need your help.



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