A judicial system lacking independence together with the heir of the Franco's regime is promoting a majoritarianism regime, making an abusive use of the rule of law to act with violence and cruelty against the pro-independence movement.

After ignoring the duty to address the popular petition for self-determination in Catalonia during decades, Spanish institutions sent thousands of policemen to prevent by all means October 1st Referendum: they assaulted polling stations while violently beating the crowds that wanted to vote.

After the Referendum considered illegal by Spanish government started Judicial prosecution to social leaders, members of the Catalan Government, head of catalan Police, teachers, Mayors and individuals. 13 leaders have been accused of "rebellion", a crime that related to the use of violence, which never happened.

- 9 social and political leaders are in preventively detained without a date of trial. The president of the most important grassroots organization (Omnium, 115.000 members), a peaceful father of an almost one-year-old, is imprisoned since last October without any trial.

- 7 political leaders and 1 singer went to exile in Belgium, Germany, the UK and Switzerland. Amongst them the President of Catalonia Mr. Puigdemont. Until now none of them has been extradited in spite of the euro-orders emitted by Spanish justice.

- At least 17 teachers have been prosecuted for organizing debates about 1st of October events at School. 


HUMANS RIGHTS WATCH: Independent Investigation into Violence During Referendum

Spanish police engaged in excessive force when confronting demonstrators in Catalonia during a disputed referendum, using batons to hit non-threatening protestors and causing multiple injuries (READ FULL REPORT)


Amnesty International


Spain: Recent developments in Catalonia from 1 October

  • Excessive use of force by police on 1st October
  • Prosecution of Carles Puidgemont and other Catalan public officials
  • Prosecution of Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart for sedition: a disproportionate restriction of their right to freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Situation of Carles Puidgemont and other former Ministers of the Catalan government who are currently in Belgium



1st of October 2017. The danger of the will of the people. Extensive repository of documents recorded by citizens during 1st of October.


Action of Spanish Police on First of October

Link to 365 Videos of the Repression lived in Catalonia by the Spanish Police in the Referendum of October 1, 2017



Call on Spain to release all Catalan political prisoners and for the EU to trigger Article 7

ELEN calls for the European Union, as ‘Guardian of the Treaties’, and EU Member-States:

To uphold Catalan fundamental rights as guaranteed in the EU Treaties;
To facilitate negotiations between the Spanish state and the Catalan Government overseen by independent and neutral mediators.