Leaving the conflict without any agreed solution means maintaining an economic uncertainty in Spain with consequences for the Euro. Where are the European foundational values if European institutions do not face such an internal crisis?

  • In solidarity with a peaceful minority in Europe and their Civil Rights
  • For a Democracy of citizens in Europe
  • And to avoid a great impact on the Spanish economical system which would lead to European uncertainty

We will build the strongest international solidarity movement for Civil Rights and Democracy. Because fighting for Catalans' civil rights is fighting for Democracy in Europe and the whole world.

Commission employs double standards in Spain

By MICHAL NATORSKI (euobserver)

The commission refuses to interfere in this arguably domestic dispute, claiming a lack of a formal basis, and it stresses the need to fully respect the Spanish constitutional order and the rule of law.

The position of the commission is faulty.

the fact is that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain emerged because of the manipulation of Spanish constitutional norms and the rule of law by central authorities and two dominant Spanish national political parties (the Popular Party and Socialist Party) over the last decade.